Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Launch Episode Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Launched.

The much-awaited OTT program Bigg Boss Telugu OTT has begun from yesterday 6’o Clock in the evening. We have seen five seasons of Bigg Boss Telugu on Television. But this show is different, You can watch the show 24/7 without any break on Disney+Hotstar. The host of the show is Nagarjuna and his entry was great. 

The Telugu Version of Bigg Boss OTT is named as Bigg Boss Non Stop 24*7. This time there will be 17housemates and the show will take place for 84 weeks. The new thing about this show is the housemates are divided into warriors and challengers. The Ex-Bigg Boss Contestants are called Warriors while the new contestants are called the Challengers.

Contestants List

Let’s take a look at the housemates who are participating in the show.

1)Ashu Reddy- Ashu Reddy is one of the popular Youtube star and she has participated in the Bigg Boss Third season. She got another opportunity to prove herself. 

2)Mahesh Vitta- Mahesh Vitta the popular Youtube Star and Comedy actor participated in the Bigg Boss Second Season. We have to see how Mahesh Vitta will entertain the audience this time.

3)Mumiath Khan- Mumiath Khan is a popular actress, dance show judge and a dancer. She has participated in the Bigg Boss First season and gave a tough fight.

4)Ajay Kathurvar- The new contestant in the Bigg Boss Telugu OTT is Ajay Kathurvar who is a new actor in the TV show. 

5)Sravanthi Chokarapu- Another new face in the Bigg Boss Telugu OTT is Sravanthi Chokarapu. She is a young TV host and anchor who has got quite some following in the social media.

6)RJ Chaitu- Another new contestant in the show is RJ chaitu. He is a Radio Jockey with a noted Radio Station.

7)Ariyana Glory- Ariyana Glory is a TV Host and Youtube actor who has also participated in the Bigg Boss fourth season. She almost came close to the finale and this time she said that she will a tough time to the contestants.

8)Natraj Master- Natraj Master is another entry into the house. The choreographer participated in the Bigg Boss Fifth season and got evicted quickly. So it would be interesting how Natraj master will implement the tricks this time.

9)Sree Rapaka- Sree Rapaka is a new entry into the show. She is a fashion designer, and actress. This show will be a new experience to her.

10)Anil Rathod- Anil Rathod is a new entry into the house. He is a popular Hyderabad model and all eyes will be on him this season.

11)Mithraaw Sharma- Mithraaw Sharma is a new heroine in Tollywood and she has worked in few movies as well. This platform will give her more reach and more offers in her career.

12)Tejaswi Madivada- The Popular Actress Tejaswi Madivada has participated in the Bigg Boss Second Season. She got evicted because of some disputes. Now it would be interesting how she will perform in the show.

13)Sarayu Roy- Sarayu Roy participated in the fifth season and she was the first contestant to get evicted from the Bigg Boss. So this is like a second chance to prove herself.

14)Shiva- Shiva is a new entry into the house. He is a noted youtuber with excellent skills. This is a great platform to prove himself.

15)Bindhu Madhavi- The Popular actress Bindu Madhavi took part in Tamil Bigg Boss TV Show. She has definitely got experience on how to handle the tough situations in the house.

16)Hamida- Hamida participated in the Bigg Boss Fifth season and she got evicted quite early as well. Just like Sarayu, This is also a second chance for her.

17)Akhil Sarthak- Akhil Sarthak the finalist of the Bigg Boss Fourth season is back again into the show. He said that he will fight hard to win the cup at any cost.

So these are the 17 Contestants participating in the Bigg Boss Telugu OTT for the title. Just like the TV show, Nagarjuna will meet the contestants every weekend on Saturday and Saturday. The short episodes will be premiered on the platform every morning and evening.


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