Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Day 7 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Day 7 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT show has completed 6 days and the house has a new captain Tejasvi Madivada. Now it is time for the best and worst performer of the week. So many interesting things have happened in the house during this process. Let’s Check them out.

Before the best performer and worst performer choosing. Bigg Boss asked the new captain Tejaswi Madivada to pick four housemates to clean the house who will be trapped in a hoop. Tejasvi picked RJ Chaithu, Sree Rapaka, Siva and Anil Rathod to clean the house. They obeyed the captain’s order and cleaned the house.

Best Performer and Worst Performer

Bigg Boss asked the captaincy contenders to pick the best and worst performers of the week. The housemates picked Mahesh Vitta as the best performer of the week. Then everybody gave mixed responses on how should they pick as the worst performer. In the end Natraj Master became the worst performer.

Natraj master accepted to be the worst performer. But he felt betrayed by his own team members. He was sent into a cage in the house and he has remain in there until he receives further orders from Bigg Boss. Then Bigg Boss sent Veg Burger and Chicken to Mahesh Vitta for the best performance in the week.

Elimination Process

Now it is time for Elimination. Natraj, Ariyana, Hamida, Mumait Khan, RJ Chaitu were in the nominations. As per the sources, It is mentioned that Mumait Khan got evicted from the show. 


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