Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 December 13th, 2022 Written Updates: A Journey to remember

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 has entered into the finale week, and in this week mostly the housemates won’t do much work or participate in any tasks. The Bigg Boss will show their journeys and congratulate them on their journey till the finale. Today also same thing happened in the house. Let’s check them out shall we.

Adi Reddy’s Journey

Adi Reddy who came into the house as a commoner is the finale today. That’s what Bigg Boss said. From being a commoner to becoming the contestant, from contestant to captain, from captain to the finalist. Bigg Boss congratulated Adi Reddy on his amazing journey and how he played the game till the end was quite commendable. The journey video of Adi Reddy was shown and it was great.

Rohit’s Journey

After sometime, Bigg Boss called Rohit and showed his journey video. Bigg Boss said that Rohit has been a wonderful contestant, and even though the housemates did injustice to him. He never crossed the line and played the game properly and became the finalist in the house. Bigg Boss congratulated Rohit on his journey.

Tomorrow there will be mid week elimination, so please keep voting for your favorite contestants and save them from danger.

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G. Sujatha
G. Sujatha
1 year ago

Rohit anna me jurny supper…..

G. Sujatha
G. Sujatha
1 year ago

Rohit anna meru chala baga adutunnaru…. Nenu meeku chala pedda fan…meer caretor supper..anna.Merey taitil winner avvalani anukunna m…

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