Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 December 14th, 2022 Written Updates: Journey’s Continuation

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 has entered into the finale week, and just like every season in the final week, the housemates don’t do anything apart from watching their journeys and Bigg Boss congratulating them on their journey.

Srihan’s Journey

Bigg Boss called Srihan to the garden area, and it was decorated beautifully with all the photos of Srihan and the tasks in which he gave his best. Then Bigg Boss showed him his journey video and said Srihan is a good friend and played the game wonderfully and with determination. Bigg Boss congratulated Srihan for his amazing journey and wished him best of luck for the finale.

Keerthi’s Journey

Last but not least, Keerthi’s journey was shown on the big screen. The whole garden area was decorated beautifully, and the journey video was quite emotional for Keerthi because she gave her best till the end. Keerthi felt emotional after watching her journey video.

The journey videos are done, and finally there will be mid-week elimination for this week, and we have to see who will get eliminated this week. Till then keep voting for your favorite contestants and help them to lift the trophy.

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