Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 December 1st, 2022 Written Updates: Roll Baby Roll

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 is coming close to the weekend again, and the ticket to finale race is getting intensified with each task. Many interesting debates, good news and other aspects are waiting for the housemates. Let’s check out what happened in the house.

Roll Baby Roll

As a part of the ticket to finale race, the housemates have to choose who will play the game. Keerthi, Faima, Srihan, and Rohith played the game. In this game, the contestants have to roll towards the bricks and pick it up and then they have to roll back to the starting point and place the brick. Whoever builds the tallest brick building will be the winner of this game. The task went on wonderfully, and in this game Srihan won the task. Keerthi clearly wasn’t happy with the decision Satya and Inaya made. She felt that they were showing favoritism in the game.

Balance the egg. 

Another interesting task in the house was Balance the egg on the plate. In this game, the housemates have to hold a plate and there will be a egg on it. Then they have to go through the ropes, and whoever reaches the end without dropping the egg will be the winner. Revanth lost this task, and he was angry with the sanchalaks about their decision.

As the game progresses, the contestants will get eliminated based on their points and gameplay. The competition is high, and we have to see who will win this game.

Congratulations to Revanth and Anvitha. They are blessed with a baby girl.

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