Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 30th, 2022 Written Updates: Ticket to finale continues

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 is in the 13th week and the housemates are competing for the ticket to finale tasks. In the initial stages of the game, Satya, Inaya, and Keerthi got out of the game. Bigg Boss gave them an opportunity yesterday. Let’s see what happened in the house today.

Keerthi back in the game.

Bigg Boss gave another opportunity to Inaya, Sri Satya, and Keerthi to get into the back race of ticket to finale game. In this game, they have to wear white t-shirts and by taking red paint on their palms, they have to rub it on the back of the other contestants. The contestant with more color on the t-shirt will be eliminated. In the first round, Inaya and Keerthi played well and they eliminated Sri Satya from the game.

Sri Satya clearly wasn’t happy with what happened in the game. She felt that she was being targeted by them. Then in the second round, Inaya and Keerthi went head-to-head and the task went wonderfully. After the final buzzer came, Revanth declared Keerthi as the winner and she is back in the game yet again.

Race for the top 5. 

Bigg Boss announced that there will be different tasks given to the remaining contestants in the house. They have to stay in the top 5 and whoever will be in the top 1 by the end of the tasks will get the ticket to finale. The tasks went on wonderfully and all the housemates gave their best in the game. Then came the twist, Bigg boss announced that they have to remove one contestant from the game by deciding together. All the housemates weren’t in a position to give up on the game and they requested Bigg boss for this.

Balance is the key to win.

Then Bigg Boss gave another interesting task which is the housemates have to balance the bowls, cups, and plate stacked on top of each other. All these things will be kept on a stick, and they have to balance it with just one hand. Inaya is the sanchalak of the game, and whenever she says to place another bowl or cup or a plate on the stack. The housemates have to do it. If they fall down, then they are out of the game. In this task, Adi Reddy won the game.

In the top 5 race for ticket to finale, Adi Reddy is with 9 points, Revanth with 8 points, Srihan with 6 points, Rohith with 1 point, and Keerthi with 2 points, and Faima with 5 points. We have to see how far the game will go and who will win the ticket.

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