Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 December 8th, 2022 Written Updates: The Task Continues

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 is coming close to another week, and the housemates have to play some interesting tasks to increase the prize money. Many amazing things happened in the house, let’s check them out shall we.

Diffuse the bomb

In this task, the housemates had to choose three participants. Revanth, Inaya and Satya played the game, and the housemates guessed that Inaya will win the task. In this task, the participants have to diffuse the bomb. On the LED Screen, Bigg Boss will show different wires, and suddenly when the Bigg boss says to cut the wire then they have to cut the wire. If they cut it wrong, then the bomb will be blasted.

In this task, Sri Satya won the task, and again housemates failed to guess the winner.

Light up the Bigg Boss logo

In this task, Srihan and Sri Satya played the game, in this game they have to light up the Bigg Boss 6 logo with the bulbs and whoever lights up the bulbs first. In this game, Srihan won the game and the prize money increased.

The Devil in the house

Sri Satya failed to go into the house, then the housemates lost one lakh. After sometime, Inaya went in and the segment was quite funny. She got scared but she got the thing from the haunted house and earned the prize money. In the other game, Revanth went into the room and bravely got the cup from the room and won the prize money.

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