Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 December 9th, 2022 Written Updates: Recreation of good moments

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 has come close to another weekend, and tomorrow we will know who will be the finalists of the week, and it would be interesting to see who will win the game. Many interesting things happened in the house. Let’s check them out.

The Devil Task Continues.

After Satya failed to go into the confession room first, then Bigg Boss called her again and this time Keerthi also went along with her. The segment was really funny because the reactions they gave for the sounds was quite funny. They found the objects in the confession room, and came out. After sometime, Rohith went into the confession room. After a few minutes, Bigg Boss called everyone into the confession room. Then the housemates created fun in the confession room and finally they came out of the confession room with another object and the prize money increased. That’s how the Devil task concluded.

Recreation of good moments

Bigg Boss told the housemates to recreate some best moments in the house and the housemates tried their best to recreate the memories that happened in the house. The housemates talked about their journey and shared some beautiful memories in the house. That’s how the week ended and tomorrow Nagarjuna will come to the house, and we have to see who will get eliminated from the house.

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