Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 16 Day 15 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 16 Day 15 Highlights

The Sunday Funday is over and it is time for the heated and the most interesting segment of the week which are the Monday nominations. The nominations went on with heated arguments and there are people who are in danger zone as well. Lets see what happened in the house today.

Paint the face with Red for nominations.

As a part of the Bigg Boss nominations process, Bigg Boss kept a bowl of red paint in the garden area and the contestants have to nominate two people by rubbing the red paint on their face. As Raj Shekhar is the captain of the house, he cannot be nominated.

Right from the first minute itself, the house heated with up arguments and the segment became interesting.

Major Arguments in the house

First Vasanthi and Neha argued in the house when Vasanthi nominated Neha because she gave her worst tag during the weekend episode.

Next Geethu argued with Neha that she wasn’t good as a Sanchalak in the house. But Neha countered back and didn’t agree with Geethu on this.

Inaya and Geethu argued as well. Inaya said that Geethu took her rack and not letting her arrange her clothes. Meanwhile Inaya also argued with Adi Reddy. She said that Adi Reddy came to the house fully prepared. For that Adi Reddy got very angry.

Adi Reddy said that nobody in the house comes fully prepared and Bigg Boss reality show is like an open book. But Inaya kept arguing about the same thing. Then Adi Reddy lost his cool and said if she doesn’t stop talking like this then he will throw the bowl of red paint on the floor.

Rajashekhar and Arohi nominated Baladitya saying that he is playing the safe game by showing the good side of him.

Geethu nominated Sudeepa, saying that she didn’t clean the tissue papers that she threw in the house. For the first time, Sudeepa became very emotional and argued with Geethu that Sudeepa wasn’t feeling good during the emotional episode and she forgot about that.

Chanti and Geethu also had arguments on how to behave in front of the people.

Nominated Contestants for this week

Vasnathi, Inaya, Arohi, Neha, Geethu, Chanti, Srihan, Revanth, and Baladitya. There are some contestants who can be in danger zone for this week and they are Vasanthi, Inaya, Srihan, and Arohi. Because their performance was quite average in the past few weeks.

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