Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 17 Day 16 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 17 Day 16 Highlights

The Day 16 in the Bigg Boss house has been filled with some fights and serious moments. The house turned into a jungle for this week captaincy contender’s task. It is going to be thieves Vs Police in the house. So let’s see what happened in the house.

Adavilo Aata

The captaincy contenders task for this week is Adavilo Aata and the house turned into a jungle. The housemates are divided into two groups, one of them are police and the other group are thieves. Geethu has got a unique role of a businesswoman in the jungle.

Police group are Adi Reddy, Marina, Rohith, Faima, Sri Satya, Chanti, Raj, Inaya, and Baladitya.

Thieves group are: Surya, Revanth, Arohi, Sudeepa, Vasanthi, Neha, Keerthi, Srihan, and Arjun.

The Police win over the thieves by stopping them to steal the dolls then the Police will become the captaincy contenders. If the thieves win over the police and manage to steal all the toys and earn maximum amount of money then the thieves will become the captaincy contenders. If Geethu manages to get 25 dolls and save maximum money then she will become the winner of the game.

Revanth, Srihan Vs Inaya.

During the intense game, Inaya addressed Srihan as Vaadu and it angered him. During this argument, Neha was injured as well, and Inaya kept on shouting that there is no truth in it and it was a strategy. Revanth joined the argument with Srihan and both of them fired on Inaya and said that she don’t know how to respect others. Revanth got aggressive, but soon he calmed down.

The Top performers for this week are Revanth, Srihan, and Geethu. They are playing the game with proper strategies. We have to see who will win the task for this week and become captaincy contenders.



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