Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 18 Day 17 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 18 Day 17 Highlights

Bigg Boss third week captaincy contenders game Adavilo Aata is still continuing in the house and many interesting things have happened during this task. Let’s see what happened in the house.

Smart Geethu-Smart Play

Geethu is playing the businesswoman during the task, and she has managed to play the game very smartly. Even though the game went directionless a bit but she didn’t lose her cool at all. She followed the rules correctly, and played the game very smartly. Even though the housemates stole her food, and batteries, but she made clever moves in the game and became quite unbreakable.

Revanth’s Rebellion

During the night time when Revanth hid some of the toys in the hall. Neha, Arohi, and Sudeepa robbed his toys and stayed silent. When Revanth woke up and found out that his toys were stolen and he passed some statements which weren’t quite good and he decided that he will support the other team.

Inaya and Keerthi lock horns

The best highlight of this episode was the fight between Keerthi and Inaya. As a part of the task, Inaya went inside the house for the raid. When the raid time was over, the thieves tried to block her away and in this pursuit they pushed her down and she was dragged inside the house. But the other housemates stopped it and Inaya got up and thought that it was Keerthi who hurt her. Then both of them had some heated arguments and later cooled down.

Police team wins the task.

A total of 141 toys were kept in the task. By the end of the task, Geethu had 51 toys and the thieves had 19 toys and the police have 71 toys. Which made them the winners of the task and the first two captaincy contenders for this week are Geethu, and Sri Satya.

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