Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 2 Day 1 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Day 1 has started wonderfully, on the first day itself there were a lot of disturbances in the house. It is quite common that every contestant is different from the other. But the noise which Geetu made in the house has tormented everyone in the house and public as well. Let’s see what happened in the house.

The intro happened with all the contestants danced to a local song. In this dance performance, Abhinaya Sree impressed everyone with her steps. After that Geetu started making a fuzz about someone’s hair in the bathroom. She said that even if Bigg Boss gives her a task to pull the hair in the bathroom, she will not do it. She kept arguing with the Inaya Sultana.

In this discussion, Adireddy said that if there is anything wrong in taking it. He will take it out from tomorrow onwards. Meanwhile Baladitya advised Geetu in this matter.

The First Task of the house.

Faima got the letter for the first task, the task is that the house will be divided into three categories which mass, trash and class. The class category will have privileges and they can do any work, even VIP balcony can be used. The class contestants will have the opportunity to become captains directly and directly saved from nominations.

The trash members should do all the work which other contestants say them to do. They have to cook and eat in the garden area only and they are not eligible for captain contestants and will be directly nominated. The members of the mass are just common people and they wont have privileged facilities

The voting went on in the house. The class contestants were Balaaditya, Srihan, and Surya. The trash contestants were Revanth, Geetu, and Inaya Sultana.

Swap Klaus for the trash contestant.

Swap Klaus was introduced in the house and it is the first challenge of the house as well. Adi Reddy and Inaya came forward to play the game of coconut bonds. AdiReddy easily won the game and became a member of the class. But Inaya felt sad that she has lost the task, and Abhinaya encouraged her to give her supported.

Not trash… Say Proud Things

Bigg Boss called Inaya into the confession room and said that they have a small gathering task in which the trash members will talk about the people whom they wanted to make proud or who recognized them as good people.

Inaya Sultana talked about her father and became emotional. After listening to her story, Keerthy Bhatt became emotional and hugged her. Meanwhile Geethu and Revanth had a issue on talking next. Geethu was scared after seeing Inaya crying. She went into the bathroom area and kept thinking about and commented on Revanth that he is different.

Revanth talked about his past and he said that he is standing here at the Bigg Boss house because of the blessings of his parents and the people support.

Geethu said that people have recognized her when she was doing reviews videos, and understood that she has talent and soon she became a star. She thanked her followers for supporting her. That’s how the emotional and classy segment of the house ended on Day 1. We have to see what happens tomorrow in the house.

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