Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 3 Day 2 Highlights

The Second Day in the Bigg Boss 6 Telugu House went on well with few fights, and many discussions. Inaya Sultana was the most upset person in the house. Revanth looks like he is over confident in the house and he says that he will not be eliminated at all.

Meanwhile Arohi tells her gang that Revanth has said that she spending more time with Surya that’s why she is trying to talk to everyone else. Listening to this Arjun tried to give some advice to Revanth. He said that Revanth will become bad if he continues like this. But Revanth said that if he is not genuine, people will eliminate him.

Opportunity to change class to trash.

Bigg Boss gave an opportunity to change class to trash. The respective groups should choose a member by voting. In the trash, Inaya, Geethu and Revanth were already there. So the voting went in favor to Geethu and Bala Aditya came into the trash. Meanwhile Abhinaya lost the task and she came into trash and Revanth went into mass.

In the other task, Neha and Inaya participated in Roll Baby Boll task and in this Neha won the task and she went into class team while Inaya remained in the trash only. She felt that she isn’t getting support from anybody in the house.


Bigg Boss said that the task is over and the nominated persons are Inaya, Abhinaya, and Baladitya. But still the process is completely done yet. After that the couple, Marina and Rohit got into a small fight in the bathroom area. She said that he is not listening to her properly.

On the other hand when Geethu came into the class team, she kept ordering everyone about her work and some people didn’t like her attitude in this manner. Now we have to see what happens in the tomorrow’s episode as the nominations process will continue tomorrow again.

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