Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 33 Day 32 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 33 Day 32 Highlights

Many interesting and fun things happened in the house today, and we also have a new captain in the house for this week. Some missed dangers along with the emotional moments in the house. The Episode 32 got mixed response from the audience. So let’s see what happened in the house today.

Emotional moments in the house.

As Bigg Boss Birthday still isn’t over in the house. Bigg Boss gave an emotional task to the housemates. As the housemates have tried their best to keep up with the Bigg Boss tasks. Bigg Boss gave them an opportunity to express what they want in return. All of the housemates, became emotional during this time. Even though there was emotion, and quite some teary eyed moments, but this segment was little boring.

New Captain in the house

Before, the captaincy game began. Vasanthi, Rohit and Marina were discussing about the captaincy contenders. They felt like, they gave their best this week but still they weren’t considered for captaincy game. Vasanthi felt that they are playing for the audience, and they will see who is playing the game genuinely.

In the captaincy game, Revanth, Geethu, and Surya were the top three contenders. They have to cut down the wood with the axe. Whoever finishes the task first, will become the new captain of the house. The task went on interestingly and during this time, when Revanth was cutting the wood, the axe flew from his hands and just dropped in front of Inaya.

That was just a miss in the game, and finally after the tough competition in the game. Revanth won the task, and became the new captain of the house. As he is not in the nominations for this week as well, so he will be immune for the next week as well.

The nominated contestants are little worried because they didn’t get much opportunity to play the game. Now the voting is getting close, and Faima, Chanti, Aditya, and Marina are in danger. So visit the official website and vote for your favorite contestants now.

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