Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 34 Day 33 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 34 Day 33 Highlights

We have a new captain in the house Singer Revanth and we hope that we get to see some exciting content in the house from this week onwards. The voting lines have been closed and very soon there will be elimination as well. As of now, Chanti, Baladitya, Marina are in danger. We have to see who will get eliminated for this week.

The luxury budget task.

In the luxury budget task for this week, Bigg Boss divided the housemates into two teams. They have to play tug of war in this task. Two people from each team will be tied together and they have to pick up some items and place it in their bowls. Revanth is the sanchalak for this task. During this game, Revanth and Chanti got into argument.

Revanth was just saying to the participants ‘ Okay Ready….’ But he wasn’t saying them to start the game. Chanti and Revanth argued about this thing and finally however Chanti’s team won the luxury budget task and sorted out all the issues.

The Cool Guy losses his cool.

Bala Aditya who is known for his calm and composed nature. Got angry in the house for the first time. When Revanth and Chanti were arguing about the issue. Bala Aditya tried to cool down things between them.

Then Geethu said something which looked quite offensive to him and started shouting at her. The housemates were quite shocked to see Bala Aditya shouting at her like that. He said that there is limit for everything, and she has crossed that limit.

Tomorrow we will be having the weekend episode, so we have to see how Nagarjuna will address the issues in the house.

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