Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 6 Day 5 Highlights

After some intensity with the nominations, and choosing the captaincy contenders task. Now the run for the first captain of the house will go on in the house. There are six captaincy contenders for this week and the task was really interesting. Now let’s see what happened in the house today.

First Captain Of The House.

Six Contestants fought for the captaincy and the captaincy task is called Captaincy Bandi. In this task, the housemates have to find the right key and open the box. Whoever finds the right key is the winner and the captain of the house.

During this task, Geethu completed it first but she has foul played and received a lot of criticism from the housemates. Most of the housemates objected her game play and things went astray in the house.

The most controversial thing which happened in the house is when she passed a statement saying that when she hides anything inside her shirt and if a male contestant placed their hand in her shirt and took that thing out, she wouldn’t mind at all. This statement received a lot of hate in the house, especially the female housemates

Finally after a lot of arguments and issues in the house. It was decided that the first captain of the house is Baladitya.

Worst Performer of the week.

Because of that statement, and her foul play during the captaincy task. Geethu became the worst performer of the week and she is sent to prison.

Tomorrow the host Nagarjuna will come onto the show and he will reflect back on the whole week situation. We have to see what happens tomorrow in the house.

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