Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 5 Day 4 Highlights

After the nominations were over, everybody thought that the house would cool down but there was a big fight in the episode. Let’s see what happened in the house today.

In today’s episode, there was a discussion between Chanti and Geetu. When Geetu said that Chanti is not talking, he got angry on her. He said to Geetu that when she is at a point, she will not understand what others are saying to her.

Meanwhile on the other side, Baladtiya raised the point by talking about Inaya was body shaming him in front of everyone. But Inaya immediately clarified that Baladitya was not body shaming, except that he was complementing.

The Same Old Song between the couple.

Marina and Rohit are having issues in the first week itself. She told Arohi that he didn’t come to her at night. He just held her hand and left her immediately. Then Rohit asked what do you want to do when you fall asleep. They are clearly having some issues with eachother in the house.

Selection of Captaincy Contenders.

The Selection of the captain contenders started. Geethu and Revanth had some arguments in between them. After a lot of discussions, it was decided that Sreehan, Baladitya, Revanth, Sudeepa are eligible for the captin contenders.

But in the captaincy race, the mass team stood with unity and decided that RJ Surya, Marina Rohit, Baladitya are captaincy contenders.

On the other hand Marina started saying that Rohit is supporting Sri Satya and made a fuss out of it in the house.

After that Arohi and Revanth had some arguments in the house. She went into aggression mode and said that she will participate in the hotstar task. But she failed badly, as Sree Satya team gave an amazing performance and Arohi team lost the task.

For that Revanth commented on Arohi that now see what happened with your attitude. Arohi felt very sad and she cried. RJ Surya consoled her by giving her a hug and she calmed down after that.

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