Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 15th, 2022 Written Updates: A Golden Opportunity

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6, 11th week is happening in the house and very soon we will be heading towards the finale as well. Right now, the housemates are competing for a unique task to get immunity in the house from nominations. Let’s see what happened in the house today.

Aftermath of Nominations.

After the nominations were done, Keerthi and Satya sat down in the garden and talked about the issues between them. But Satya wasn’t clearly ready to accept that she has ego. She sarcastically mocked Keerthi, and things got more ugly between them. On the other side, Srihan and Revanth had some issues with the nominations. Revanth said that he wanted to nominated Srihan. They debated on the topic, and slowly things are getting disturbed between the friends.

Opportunity for Immunity

Bigg Boss gave an opportunity to the housemates to get themselves saved from the nominations and get immunity. For that the housemates will be given some cheques, and they have to right down an amount. Whosever amount is more will get the immunity from the next week nominations. They cannot discuss the amount with anyone, and if the housemates write the same amount of money, then they will not get immunity. This highest number of amount will be deducted from the cash prize they will win at the finale.

All the housemates wrote their amount and put it in the box. After that Bigg Boss announced that Sri Satya discussed about the amount, that’s why she got disqualified from the game. In this segment Raj got the immunity and he is saved from nominations, and the amount of almost 5lakhs got deducted from the prize money.

Run between the wickets.

Then Bigg Boss gave an opportunity to other housemates to increase the amount of the prize money. Bigg Boss gave an task to Rohith and Revanth. They have to take 100 runs in 7minutes to increase the prize money. They tried hard but all they could is complete 82 runs in 7minutes which was quite an commendable one.

Tomorrow the task will get better, and many interesting aspects are planned by Bigg Boss. Stay tuned.

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