Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 16th, 2022 Written Updates: BB Transport Task

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 has took an interesting turn this week, and yesterday we have seen Bigg Boss asking the housemates to write down the unique number on the check given to them. In this task, Raj won the immunity and he is saved from nominations. Now the captaincy contenders game is going on, and many interesting things happened in the house today. Let’s check them out shall we.

BB Transport Task.

In this unique task, Bigg Boss placed a vehicle in the house. The vehicles keeps going on, and when the vehicle stops the housemates have to run towards the vehicle and press the horn button. Whoever presses the horn button will get a chance for the captaincy contenders game. The remaining housemates have to decide who are not eligible for the captaincy for this week and remove them from the game.

Interesting discussions happened between Srihan, Sri Satya and Keerthi. Srihan and Sri Satya have clearly targeted Keerthi, and they are mimicking her, and mocking her which is projecting very badly outside to the audience. When Srihan pressed the horn, he removed Keerthi from the captaincy contenders task. When Keerthi got the opportunity she took Srihan’s name. Then Srihan and Sri Satya started mocking her by talking nonsense about her. We have to see how Nagarjuna will respond to this situation.

Captaincy contenders for this week

The task was completed properly, and the captaincy contenders for this week are Revanth, Rohith, Inaya, Srihan, and Adi Reddy. We have to see who will get the captaincy for this week tomorrow.

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