Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 20th, 2022 Written Updates: Marina Eliminated

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 has finished another week, and the Sunday Funday episode is here after the heated Saturday arguments and little debates. Let’s check out what happened in the house today.

The Bottom Five Of The Bigg Boss House.

Nagarjuna individually called the housemates into the confession room, and asked them to give their analysis on the bottom five of the Bigg Boss house. Individually all the housemates went into the room, and gave their opinion. What they didn’t know that the other housemates were able to hear their analysis from outside. After the segment was over, Nagarjuna announced that the bottom five of the house are Marina, Inaya, Rohith, Raj, and Keerthi.

He also said that the things may change in the house, if the top five doesn’t play the game properly. They can get into their position quite easily. That’s how close the game is going on in the house.

Pick up the Bone

After that segment, the housemates played the pick up the bone game in the garden area. The house was divided into two teams, and a big bone was kept in the circle in the centre. Whoever runs towards the circle first, and gets the bone and comes back to their zone will be the winners. The other person can try to stop them as well. It was a short game, and in this game Srihan team won the task.

Marina eliminated

The last elimination came between Inaya and Marina for this week. After some initial suspense in the house, Nagarjuna announced that Marina is eliminated from the house. Rohith felt very emotional. After Marina came onto the stage, she was asked to select the pure and impure in the house. She selected Raj, Revanth, Rohith, Keerthi, and Adi Reddy in the pure. Inaya, Faima, Srihan, and Sri Satya in the impure.

That’s how the sunday funday episode ended, and tomorrow there will be nominations in the house. Most probably these will be the last nominations in the house. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

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