Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 21st, 2022 Written Updates: Confession room Nominations

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 has entered into a new week, and most probably this will be the week where contestants will nominate each other. After this week, everybody will be the nominations from now on. Some interesting things happened in the house today. Let’s check them out shall we.

Ghosts in the house.

Revanth told Nagarjuna that Raj is afraid of ghosts. Then Nagarjuna said to Marina, Faima, and others to get ready as ghosts and scare him. Then later in the night, Satya and Faima got ready as ghosts, and tried to scare everyone in the house. It was quite funny as the housemates gave funny reactions to their get ups.

Nominations in the confession room.

Most probably this will be the last nominations in the house, after that there will be no nominations and everybody will be in the nominations list. For this nominations, Bigg Boss called the housemates into the confession room and asked them to nominate two people. As Revanth is the captain of the house, he cannot be nominated for this week.

The nominations process went quite smoothly and the housemates gave various reasons for their nominations. Sri Satya nominated Raj for not being in nominations for the past three weeks. Then Bigg Boss said that she has to give a valid reason for nomination, other wise it will not be counted. Then Sri Satya gave a valid point and nominated Raj.

The Nominated contestants for this week are Rohith, Sri Satya, Faima, Raj, Adi Reddy, and Srihan. Revanth and Keerthi are safe from this week’s nominations.

This week is going to be the family week for the housemates, and we have to see who will come into the house.

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