Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 22nd, 2022 Written Updates: Family meet begins

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 has entered into another week, and after the silent nominations yesterday. Today bigg boss gave an interesting task to the housemates. There were some emotional moments as well in the house. Let’s check out what happened in the house today.

Bigg Boss School

This week’s task is the BB School, and in this task Faima is the english teacher, Adi Reddy is the dance teacher, and others were students. The task went on with loads of fun and interesting one liners given by the students. Housemates were having a lot of fun in the house.

Adi Reddy’s Wife and Daughter in the house

The first family member to enter into the house were Adi Reddy’s wife and daughter. This was a literal boost up for Adi Reddy. He felt very happy to see his wife and his daughter. Everybody talked to her, and asked about the game. Then Bigg Boss sent a birthday cake into the house, Adi Reddy wanted to celebrate his daughter’s birthday in the house. Bigg Boss fulfilled his wish. By seeing that Revanth felt very emotional.

Faima’s mother in the house.

Faima’s mother came into the house, and Faima felt very emotional after seeing her mother. She talked to everyone in the house very nicely, and told them to play the game nicely and she said that she is proud of her daughter. Keerthi felt very emotional after looking at the bond between Faima and her mother.

Raj’s mother in the house

While playing the task, Raj’s mother came into the house and it was an emotional moment to him. The housemates asked her about their game. She simply said that everyone is playing the game very nicely, and she wished everyone all the best for their upcoming movies.

Tomorrow many more family members will come into the house, and it is going to be an emotional moment for the housemates.

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