Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 3rd 2022 Written Updates: Adi Reddy Vs Geethu.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6, the captaincy contenders task is going on in full swing, and there have been fights between the contestants, and punishments by Bigg Boss as well. Let’s see what happened in the house today.

Revanth is out of control

Revanth is getting out of control in the game, his aggression towards the game is bringing his graph down literally and Nagarjuna has to give serious warning to him because of his unparliamentary language in the house, and his gameplay which includes mostly aggression only. While playing the game, Rohith attacked Revanth to take out his stripes. Accidentally, Rohith hit Revanth.

Then Revanth said ‘ Nee Amma. Evadra kotindhi.’ For this Rohith got angry and shouted at Revanth for using such kind of words. Even during the game, when Adi Reddy tried to attack Revanth. He started hitting him hardly. Even Adi reddy said Revanth to cool down and be gentle during the game. But Revanth shouted at him sayng i will play as my wish, and you are no one to stop me.

This aggression is taking the game somewhere else, We have to see how Nagarjuna will respond to this aggressive situation.

Geethu Vs Adi Reddy

Geethu became a ghost in the beginning of the day itself. While the players took a break in the game, she went to the washroom, and saw Adi Reddy’s t-shirt with stripes. As a part of the game, Bigg Boss clearly mentioned that the ghosts cannot do anything. But again, she broke the rules and removed all the stripes.

When Adi Reddy found out that the stripes were being removed. He asked Geethu about it. But she said she didnt remove it and she has no idea at all. But later Adi Reddy found out about it and confronted Geethu. She said that she used her brain to eliminate him and it was his mistake to keep the t-shirt like that.

After debating a lot, Adi Reddy lost his cool and threw his mike on the floor. For this Adi Reddy, got punishment that is he will not be able to participate in the captaincy game. But Bigg Boss also mentioned that whatever Geethu did was wrong, and he is not eliminated from the game.

Just previous week, Nagarjuna told her clearly that her gameplay isn’t good. But still Geethu played by her own rules. We have to see how Nagarjuna will address this situation again.

The voting lines are closing soon, save your favorite contestant.

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