Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 4th, 2022 Written Updates: Sri Satya the new captain

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6, captaincy contender game is going on wonderfully and there have been interesting battles, secret task, and wonderful strategies as well. Let’s see what happened in the house today.

Mission Possible task: Draw match

The game between the red team and blue team went on exceedingly well, and the task ended up as a draw. As the eliminated gamers were equal in both the teams, Bigg Boss concluded the game as draw and it was time for captaincy contenders selection in the house.

Protect your ballon

In the captaincy contenders game, Housemates chose Inaya, Satya, Geethu, Faima, Vasanthi and Marina as the contenders. In this game, the contenders will have a ballon with them. The others will try to pop the ballon out, by the end of the task whoever has the ballon with them will become the captain of the house.

In this game as well, the contenders decided themselves to split into teams. Geethu, Faima and Satya played as one team, and Inaya, Marina, and vasanathi played as one team. The game came down till Satya and Inaya in the race. After a good battle between them, Satya became the captain of the house.

Inaya was clearly not impressed with that. She kept on shouting that she became a captain with the support of their team. But no one listened to her, Bigg boss declared Satya as the captain of the house, and Satya chose Faima as the Ration Manager.

Tomorrow there will be the weekend episode, we have to see how Nagarjuna will respond to the situations that happened in the house.

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