Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 5th, 2022 Written Updates: Mark your performance

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 has entered into another weekend, this week again Nagarjuna was on fire. He didnt like the way the housemates played the game, and he asked the housemates to mark their performances by themselves. Let’s see what happened in the house today.

Blue Team and Red Team Marking.

Nagarjuna asked Adi Reddy the captain of the Blue team to rank their performances. The order of ranking given by Adi Reddy was Raj, Inaya, Marina, Vasanthi, Bala Aditya, Rohith and Adi Reddy. The reason why Adi Reddy gave him the last rank is because of the mic incident.

Nagarjuna talked to Bala Aditya about the cigarette issue, and the way he talked to Geethu wasn’t correct at all. Bala Aditya personally apologized to Geethu and said that he is stopping smoking from now on.

Then Nagarjuna asked Geethu, the captain of the Red team to rank their performances. The order of ranking given by Geethu was Srihan, Faima, Sri Satya, Revanth, Geethu, and Keerthi.

Warnings to Srihan and Revanth

Last week, Nagarjuna gave punishment to Geethu to take the responsibility of cleaning the bathroom and told Srihan to take care of the punishment but he didn’t do it properly. That is why Nagarjuna took away the opportunity of becoming the captain next week.

Next Nagarjuna talked to Revanth and his aggression. Nagarjuna was impressed with his game but his aggression is hurting people. That is why he gave him an Yellow card as a warning. If he gets a red card then he will eliminated directly from the house.

Food issue

Lastly, Nagarjuna talked to Sri Satya about the issue with Inaya. Satya said Inaya commented about Srihan sleeping on Sri Satya’s bed. Inaya tried to distract the topic by talking some logics but Nagarjuna said that she is losing control because of anger and passing on personal statements.

Nagarjuna clearly warned the housemates to not to talk about the personal issues in the house. Then Nagarjuna talked about the food issue in the house. He asked whether the housemates are getting proper nutrition or not. Then the housemates said that they are receiving required nutrition. Because of some communication issues, with Inaya, she wasn’t able to eat food.

Then Nagarjuna brought in a rule that is everybody has to eat at the same time, and drink at the same time so that the communication will get better between all the housemates. Tomorrow there will be elimination in the house and as per the rumos Geethu Royal has been eliminated from the house.

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