Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 October 15th 2022 Written Updates: Good, Average, Dead.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 another week has been completed, and the weekend is here now. The host Nagarjuna will give a review about how the housemates have performed in the house. Many interesting things have happened in the house today. Let’s check them out shall we.

Vasanthi’s Sacrifice.

As the episode began, Nagarjuna talked to Rohith and prasied him for giving such a wonderful sacrifice for the housemates. Then Nagarjuna played the video in which Rohith felt bad that the housemates didn’t ask him whether he wants to take the call or not. The housemates and Rohith gave a clarification for that and later Nagarjuna asked the housemates who will be willing to sacrifice for Rohith. Then Vasanthi came forward and got ready for the sacrifice.

Nagarjuna called her into the confession room and as per Bigg Boss orders, she has to cut her hair to shoulder length. She accepted it gracefully and cut her hair to shoulder length.

Review of the game

Then Nagarjuna gave review to the housemates based on their performances. The reviews were given in the form of good, average, and dead. Most of the housemates got between Good and Average, except Inaya. Nagarjuna clearly gave her an eye opener that she has lost focus in the game and she is focusing on the people now. It looked like a warning to her, and let’s hope that she focuses on the game rather than focusing on other people.

Sri Satya Saved

As a part of the nominations work, Nagarjuna saved one contestant from the house. That is none other than Sri Satya. There are quite some rumors going around that Sudeepa is getting eliminated from the house. Let’s see what happens tomorrow in the Sunday Funday episode.

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