Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 October 16th, 2022 Written Updates: Sudeepa Eliminated.

After the important review day on Saturday. The Sunday Funday episode is back and this time Nagarjuna along with the housemates had some fun in the show. There were also some emotional moments in the house during the elimination process. Let’s see what happened in the house today.

Picture song.

The first fun task of the day was for the housemates have to guess the song. The house was divided into two teams and from the past few weeks. In whichever team Sri Satya is in that team is winning the game. Nagarjuna wanted to see will the streak continue today or not. By the end of the task, Sri Satya’s team won the task and they won Bigg Boss Kanuka as well.

Dialogues for the housemates

Then the next game was about giving suitable dialogues to the housemates. This was a little bit funny segment and the housemates along with Nagarjuna also enjoyed this task. There were some arguments between Geethu and Raj. Even Nagarjuna admitted that Geethu interrupts in the middle, and completely damages the flow of the game. We have to see whether Geethu will keep this in mind and improve herself or not.

Last round between Brother and Sister

The last elimination came down between Baladitya and Sudeepa. Everyone in the house were quite tensed on who will get eliminated. After some initial suspense, Nagarjuna announced that Sudeepa got eliminated from the house. Upon her elimination, Vasanthi, Keerthi, Marina and others felt emotional.

That’s how the elimination process is completed, and other week is done in the house. Tomorrow there will be nominations and from this week onwards, it is going to be tough for the housemates and this week will also determine who will be the probable contenders for the top 5.

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