Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 October 23rd, 2022 Written Updates: Arjun Kalyan eliminated.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Sunday Funday is here, and many wonderful things happened in the show. This sunday was Diwali special, and everybody had a blast in the house. Let’s see what happened in the house today.

Jhansi Promotions.

Nagarjuna opened the show with an amazing song and he wished housemates Happy Diwali, and then some fun game were included in the house. As a part of promotions, Anjali came to the show to promote her upcoming web series Jhansi which is releasing on Disney+Hotstar on 27th October 2022. The house were divided into couples, and Bala Aditya was the sanchalak.

The housemates were given props with which they have to dance. Whoever gets the least points will get knocked out of the game. In the first round Srihan and Inaya got knocked out.

Sreeram Chandra Special Performance.

The ex-contestant of the Bigg Boss house Sreeram Chandra graced the show with his amazing singing. Then the male contestants were asked to dress up like ladies. Then Sreeram Chandra and Nagarjuna gave marks to the contestants.

The scientist Hyper Aadi

Hyper Aadi came to the show as a scientist and talked to the housemates. He gave them some valuable tips about how their game is and what audience are expecting from them. Even though there was fun in this segment, but Hyper Aadi clearly said that the housemates aren’t performing the tasks properly.

Kaarthi in the house.

As a part of the promotions of the spy thriller movie Sardar. Kaarthi along with P.S.Mithran and lead actress of the movie came to the show. Nagarjuna was very happy to see Kaarthi on the stage with him and he said that the movie is a blockbuster.

Then the housemates played the song guessing game with pictures. In this round, Rohith-marina, Revanth-Faima, Sri Satya-Surya won the game and they got qualified for the next round.

Blindfold sweets

In the last round, Rohith-Marina, revanth-faima, Sri Satya-Surya played the blindfold game. In this game, one has to cover their eyes and take a sweet and feed the sweet to the pair. In this segment, Sri Satya-Surya won the game and they got the Bigg Boss Diwali Kanuka.

Arjun Kalyan eliminated

The last round of elimination came till Vasanthi and Arjun Kalyan. In this segment, Nagarjuna kept two flower pots on the stage. Whose flower pot gets lit up is safe. Vasanthi’s flower pot got lit up and Arjun Kalyan was eliminated from the house. Sri Satya and Revanth became emotional after his elimination.

Thats how the sunday funday Diwali episode ended. Tomorrow there will be nominations and it is going to be interesting.

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