Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 October 22nd 2022 Written Updates: Deserving and Un-Deserving

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 has completed yet another week, and honestly it has been a tough week for the audience because of the Bigg Boss scolding them for not performing the tasks. There have been fights between the friends. On the weekend episode many interesting things have happened in the house. Let’s check it out shall we.

Revanth-Arjun-Satya Issue

Nagarjuna came onto the stage and without wasting a second, he talked to the housemates about the week’s review. One of the important aspects he talked to the housemates was about Revanth, Arjun and Satya issue. When Revanth called Arjun ‘ Pappu’. Satya told Arjun why don’t you say anything to revanth. Then Arjun reacted to the situation and a big rift happened between them.

Nagarjuna suggested Revanth to not to talk such words in the house. Revanth apologized to Arjun, and the issue has been sorted out. But it looks like Revanth and Arjun have decided to stop talking to each other.

Deserving and Un-Deserving

Then Nagarjuna called the housemates one by one into the confession room, and asked them who is the most deserving person and who is the most un-deserving person. Most number of votes came to Srihan for deserving and for the un-deserving it’s Marina. After the voting was done, Nagarjuna divided the house into two groups. Deserving and Un-Deserving.

In the deserving section Revanth, Geethu, Srihan, Surya were the members. In the deserving it was Raj, Vasanthi, Arjun, and Marina. The remaining housemates remained neutral.

As per the rumors, Arjun was evicted from the house. Follow this website for more updates:

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