Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 October 25th, 2022 Written Updates: Catch the Fish

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 has entered into another week. After an interesting nominations segment in the house. Bigg Boss came up with another interesting task for this week. Many amazing and interesting things happened in the house. Let’s see what happened in the house today.

Catch the Fish

Bigg Boss the task of ‘ Chepala Cheruvu’ to win the captaincy race. In this game, the housemates were divided into pairs and catch as many fish as possible. The fish kept falling in the garden area, at the end of each round the couple with the least number of fish will be eliminated from the competition.

In between the buzzer time, the couples can also challenge themselves and they can increase the number of fish. In this game Surya-Vasanthi, Revanth-Inaya, Srihan-Sri Satya, Baladitya-Marina, Adireddy-Geethu, Rohit-Keerthy, and Raj-Faima competed in the game.

Geethu’s planning failed

Geethu said it before that she couldn’t physically compete with the housemates in the task. Then she suggested to Adi Reddy that they will provoke Revanth as per their plan. If Revanth gets upset, then Inaya will not be able to catch the fish. Geethu tried her plans by trying to steal the fish from Vasanthi. But Surya stopped her.

Some of the housemates bloekd Adi Reddy and stole some fish from Geethu. Then Geethu started provoking Rohit and Marina with her words. She said that nobody has guts like her. Geethu said that she will target everyone in the house. But at the end, Geethu-Adi Reddy couple got the less fish than everyone else and they got eliminated from the game. Then Geethu cried for getting eliminated in the first round itself.

The Golden Fish

Bigg Boss kept a golden fish in the game. Whoever gets the golden fish will have benefits in the game. Revanth who led the game so wonderfully, won that gold fish and increased the number of fishes in their game.

Surya-Vasanthi, Sri Satya-Srihan got minus points because they jumped into the pool without taking it out.

The task is going on interestingly with debates and the competition is head to head. We have to see who will be the captaincy contenders for this week.

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