Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 October 26th 2022 Written Updates: Geethu’s gameplay

The fish task in the house is going on quite well and it was physical and the game went absolutely to the peaks. Geethu got eliminated in the first round itself. But she is playing her own game, by adding own rules into the game. She got an interesting power in the game today. Let’s see what happened in the house.

Geethu and Adi Reddy as Sanchalak

During the morning song, Geethu found a black fish in the swimming pool. She kept it with her, and nobody noticed it. Then Marina and Geethu had an argument about the game. Geethu is literally torturing Marina mentally. She is saying that she is not personally targeting anyone but it is a part of the game. But it is not projecting outside like that.

As the game continued today, Bigg Boss made Geethu and Adi Reddy as Sanchalaks. Then Geethu started forming her own rules of the game. Even though the housemates opposed it but she didn’t budge even a bit. She started collecting the fish, even though she isn’t a part of the game.

Then Adi Reddy came into the play and opposed her. He said that the housemates can take away the fish from her. Geethu started arguing with Adi Reddy. But Adi Reddy showed composure and opposed Geethu tactically in the game.

Black Fish Advantage

After the task ended, Bigg Boss said that there is a black fish in the house. Then Geethu got that Black fish and showed it to the Bigg Boss. Then Bigg Boss said that she has the power to swap the fishes of one couple to another. She played strategically in the game. She swaped Revanth and Inaya’s fishes with Srihan’s and Sri Satya’s fishes. Then the lowest number of fish were with Bala Aditya and Marina. Thats how they got eliminated from the game.

Revanth got angry and said that she don’t know how to play the game properly. Even Inaya shouted at her but Geethu’s strategical game play got two birds with one stone. Even though she is playing the game strategically, but torturing someone mentally isn’t projecting well outside. We have to see how Nagarjuna will respond to this situation during the weekend episode.

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