Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 October 27th 2022 Written Updates: Srihan the new captain.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 captaincy contenders task was filled with heavy physical battles, and twists and turns. Many interesting things have happened in the house today. Let’s see what happened in the house, and there is also new captain in the house for this week.

Come out with the rope.

After the task ended, Bigg Boss made Srihan and Sri Satya as direct captaincy contenders for this week. Then he asked the remaining couples to choose amongst themselves who wants to be the captaincy contender for this week. After a lot of discussions between the housemates, they have decided that Keerthi, Revanth, Surya, and Faima will become the other captaincy contenders for this week.

The first level of the captaincy contenders game was there is a hurdle filled with ropes. The contenders will have to tie a rope to their belly and come out of the hurdle with their rope on. The task looked tough and bit confusing. But Keerthi, Surya, and Srihan finished the task first and got promoted to the second level of captaincy.

Srihan-New Captain of the house.

The second level to become the captain was left for the housemates again. The captaincy contenders were given a big ‘C’ which they have to keep it with them. The remaining housemates will stab the ‘C’ with a knife. Whoever gets the less number of knives will be the captain. Srihan became the new captain of the house, and the house feels that he deserves this.

Worst performer

After becoming the captain of the house, Bigg Boss gave Srihan a chance to choose the worst performer of the week. Srihan chose Bala Aditya as the worst performer for this week, and he was sent to jail.

The voting lines are closing in, save your favorite contestants.

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