Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 12 Highlights: Intense Fights In The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has entered into the Day 12 of the house and we are going to pick up the story from where we have left off yesterday in the house. The intense task happened in the house, and the battle was between Mahabali and Ranadhira and we all know that Ranadhira team won the task and Bigg Boss gave a twist in the tale which is Mahabali team will select who will participate to the next level. Let’s see what happens in the house.

Gautam and Yawar Fight In The House

After a lot of arguments between Rathika and her teammates and she said her teams are buffons. She didn’t take her decision and kept postponing her decision and her team mates didn’t like her attitude. Not only her team but the whole housemates felt bad in the house. Even Sandeep master stood his ground and remained steadfast in his approach. Finally Bigg Boss took the decision and said that anybody from Mahabali team can choose the Ranadhira team.

Then Gautam brought the twist in the tale, We all know that Yawar performed really well in the game. He took away the power of Yawar and gave it to Shivaji. Yawar felt really bad about it and shouted at Gautam. He said that he has been targeted and he is not fair in the game. First Gautam tried to handle it calmly, but even he lost his control and they both shouted at each other. The fight went on in such a way that the fight became personal. Finally, the housemates calmed them down.

Yawar felt emotional and cried his heart out. He wanted to go out of the house, he didn’t want to remain in the house at all.

Yawar Vs Sandeep Master

Finally some things cooled in the house. While the housemates were cooking in the house, Sandeep master he alone is making 25 to 30 rotis daily in the house. Then yawar said why are you pointing at me.

Then Sandeep master why are you reacting? I am talking to the whole house. Yawar kept on increasing the debate and finally Sandeep master lost his cool and shouted at him for not understanding the language.

Sandeep Master Plays The Game

The Mahabali team selected Shivaji and Shakeela to proceed to the next level in the Mayastra task. Then Bigg Boss gave Sandeep Master an opportunity to choose another person in the house. Everybody thought Sandeep master would select Yawar. But he brought the twist by selecting Amardeep as the third contestant for the game.

The game will begin tomorrow and we will have another contestant who will get immunity and also an eviction free pass with the astra. Let’s see who wins the game here.

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