Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 10 Highlights: Intense Physical and Flexible Tasks In The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7, has entered into Day 10 and this time the task is going to be intense and very flexible in the house. It is going to test the housemates caliber in physical aspects and flexible aspects as well. The nominations process was done yesterday itself and the voting lines have been opened and you can vote for your favorite contestants always till this Friday midnight. So make sure that you vote for your contestants and save them. Till now only Sandeep Master is the permanent member of the house. This week 1 or 2 members will become permanent housemates.

Ranadhira Vs Mahabali Teams

In the Ranadhira team there are Amardeep, Priyanka, Shivaji, Yawar, Shakeela, and Shobha. In the Mahabali team there are Gautam, Rathika, Damini, Subha, Teja, and Prashanth. The first task is the tug of war between the two teams. In this game, the teams have to pull other team till the middle. Frankly, we think the Bigg boss didn’t divide the team properly because the whole strength is in Ranadhira team itself.

In the tug of war, Yawar performed really well and he was the standout performer in the game. He has managed to hold onto the rope alone and pull all the other team members till the middle line. The Mahabali team was no match for their strength and Ranadhira team won the task quite easily.

Malupu Lo Gelupu

The second task was the flexible task between the teams, and in this a color palette was kept on the ground. Sandeep master will spin the wheel in which there are different colors and hands and legs on the corner. For example, if the wheel stops on Right hand and red color. The contestant has to keep the right hand on red color and after that without moving if the wheel stops on Left leg and blue color, they have to keep their left leg on blue color without touching other colors. Whoever does this properly without dropping down then they will win the task.

In this task, Priyanka Vs Gowtham has happened and Priyanka won the task. In the Shobha Vs Prashanth, Prashanth won the task, and in Prince vs Rathika, Prince yawar won the task and the Ranabali team won the task and Ranabali team got promoted to the next level of the game.

In the whole tasks, Ranabali team looked good. But the most disappointing thing was Sandeep master. It looks like he may lose his immunity. Let’s hope not.  But Prince Yawar is the standout performer in this task and he might get saved this week.

Yawar’s Punishment

Bigg Boss gave punishment to Yawar for talking in English and Hindi. The punishment is Bigg Boss gives a sentence in Telugu and he has to say the sentence repeatedly. The other team members can disturb him, if he gets disturbed and stops it then they will lose the task. In this task, the Mahabali tried their best to distract him.

Shivaji tried to stop them by giving them a warning but nobody listened to him. Then he got out of control and started throwing dumbells on the floor. Now we have to see how Bigg Boss will react to this situation.

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