Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 15 Highlights: Foamy Nominations

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has entered into the third week, and it’s been quite an journey in the past two weeks. Yesterday in the Sunday Funday episode, Shakeela got eliminated from the house. The housemates felt really emotional in the house because they were quite attached to her and it was really an emotional moment for all the audience as well.

The Sunday Funday episode is done and dusted, and Monday is the time for nominations again. Bigg Boss has been caring on the trend of open nominations from the past few seasons. Except the first week of the house, Nominations have been kept open only. Now let’s see what happened in the house today.

Foamy In the Nominations

Bigg Boss called the housemates to the garden area and asked the housemates to participate in the nominations. The housemates have to put the foam on the face who they are nominating. As Shivaji and Sandeep master got immunity and the astra power, they cannot be nominated and they have a special power which will be revealed to you soon.

Major Highlights Of The Nominations

The major highlights in the nominations was Shobha Shetty nominating Subhasree. Shobha Shetty said that Subhasree is playing the safe game in the house and she is not participating in any work in the house. Even Rathika pointed out the same thing, and Amardeep has pointed out the same thing as well. Even Amardeep’s nomination on Subhasree was the highlight of the nomination. He said that Subhsree is not at all doing any work in the house.

The funniest nomination was between the Prashanth and Teja. Teja said that Prashanth isn’t understanding the commands which Bigg Boss is giving to them. Then Prashanth started the counter seriously, but it turned out to be a funny aspect in the nominations and made us all laugh.

Rathika had big fights with Gautam, and Subhasree. Even though it was a small fight but some arguments between them. Otherwise all the nominations were quite dull and a bit boring.

Twist In The Tale

The nominated contestants in the house are Gautam Krishna, Subhasree, Damini, Yawar, Rathika, Priyanka, Tasty Teja. Then Bigg Boss gave an amazing power to Shivaji and Sandeep as they have the immunity. They can swap any contestant from the nomination with any other contestant in the game. Then Shivaji and Sandeep thought about it a lot and swapped Tasty Teja with Amardeep. So that’s all from the nominations in the house. The Voting lines are open and please vote for your favorite contestants.

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