Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 30 Highlights: First Captaincy Task Of The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has entered into day 30and it is one of the most interesting days in the house. Many more twists and turns are happening in this house. Yesterday we have seen the nominations and bigg boss gave the twist of fate to the contendors. Bigg Boss nominated all the contenders in the house and said that the people will decide who will stay in the house and who will not stay in the house. The episode ended on a brisk note and today there is going to be an another twist of fate for the contenders. Let’s see what happened in the house.

Bigg Boss Takes Back The Power Astras

Bigg Boss called the housemates and the contenders to the hall and said that he is taking back the power astras from the housemates because from now onwards everyone would be equal in the house, and the housemates were obliged to give back the power astras to the Bigg Boss.

When Shobha Shetty, Sandeep, and Prashanth gave back their power astras in the house. Shivaji jumped in joy and mocked them for giving back their astras. This was just the first twist in the house. Another twist is waiting in the house for them.

Love Blooming In The House

In the midst of the chaos, and twists. There is love blooming slowly and gradually between Gautham and Subhasree. Looks like this is going to be the love episode of this season. One more important thing in the house is Teja’s jail punishment is over.

First Captaincy Task Of The House

The major twist of fate for the housemates is the first captaincy task of the house. In this game, the housemates are divided into pairs. There is a big set of board and there is a pit full of small sponges and in the midst of all this there are teeth in the pit.

The housemates are divided into pars, and the pairs are Yawar, and Teja. Priyanka and Shobha. Amar and Sandeep. Shivaji and Prashanth. Gautham and Subhasree. One from each pair has to go through and find the tooth that has a number on it. One of them has to stand near the board.

When one of them comes to the board with the tooth with number. The other team mate has to go into the pit and bring back the same tooth with same number on it. This is like a relay in the house. Which ever pair more number of tooth will same numbers will become the contenders for the captaincy task.

The task is still going in the house, and one of the pairs will win the game for sure. By this Friday we will get the first captain of the house. Whoever becomes the captain of the house will get this week immunity and also next week immunity as well.

Many more surprising events are waiting for the housemates and for the audience as well. So please stay tuned audience for more exciting updates.

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