Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Episode 27 Highlights: Nagarjuna Fires On The Contestants

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has entered into the end of the fourth week and it is Day 27 of the house. Yesterday we have seen Pallavi Prashanth winning the astra and becoming the permanent housemate in the house. Things are getting heated up in the house, and in this house things are going to change soon. That is a surprise for all of you. Now let’s see what happened in the house this Saturday because Nagarjuna has come with the belt onto the stage and it is going to be intensfying.

Nagarjuna Full On Fire.

As mentioned above, Nagarjuna didn’t do any entry song at all. He just came with a belt in his hand and he is very angry on the housemates. Straightaway he went to the Maa TV and looked serious at the housemates. Then Nagarjuna told Sandeep and Shivaji to stand up. Straightaway he asked are you both blind or what in the house. Nagarjuna showed the footage in which Teja was literally hitting Gautham with the rope.

‘ Why didn’t you stop Teja? What were you doing when everyone were shouting at Teja?’

Shivaji tried to say that he tried to stop him. But he was focused on the game, and Sandeep straightaway said sorry that it was his mistake. Nagarjuna was clearly unhappy with the performances of Sanchalaks in the house. Then next stuff was Teja, Nagarjuna asked Teja why didn’t he stop even after the girls were shouting so loudly.

Then Teja said that he taught that shouting was encouragement then Nagarjuna got even more angry at him. Nagarjuna said that it was the most absurd thing to do to an housemate and he deserves punishment in the house. Then Nagarjuna asked Subhasree, Priyanka, and Sandeep on what should he do with Teja.

Subhasree said that jail is a better option, Priyanka said that he needs more punishment, jail is not a good thing at all, Sandeep said that he should be sent out of the house directly for his misbehavior and hurting Gautham in the task. This is really absurd from Teja and his behavior is wrong. Then Nagarjuna decided based on the majority of the housemates that he would be the first contestant to go into jail, and he should also do the work in the house, and he is directly in the nominations.

Subhasree’s Complaint On Shivaji

Then Subhasree said that he has some complaint with Shivaji. Nagarjuna asked what is it? Then Subhasree said that she felt really uncomfortable when Shivaji came closer to her and cornered in the game. Then Nagarjuna said whether she felt uncomfortable or was he misbehaving. Then Subha said that she felt uncomfortable with him doing like that. Then Nagarjuna replied that it is a part of the game and he can’t take it like a complaint.

Even the housemates gave support to Shivaji that he wasn’t misbehaving in the game at all. Even Nagarjuna showed the video and clarified everything in the house.

Nagarjuna Clarifies Gautham’s hand gesture

Nagarjuna asked Prashanth that while nominating in the house, Gautham did some hand gesture to Shobha Shetty and then Nagarjuna showed the video and it was proved that Gautham did the hand gesture, Shobha Shetty felt that Gautham did objectified her, and Shobha Shetty gave her explanation to Nagarjuna and she felt very sad about it. Subhasree felt that Gautham is guilty and Rathika felt that Gautham is not guilty.

Majority of the house felt that Gautham is guilty and Nagarjuna felt that gesturing hands is not good in the house. Nagarjuna praised Prashanth that he is a good player and congratulated him.

Worst Sanchalak In The House

  • Yawar picked Sandeep Master In The House.
  • Rathika picked Shivaji in the house. In the midst of this Nagarjuna fired on Amar and Rathika for misbehaving with Prashanth and they talk rudely to Prashanth during the astra power task. Nagarjuna felt that it wasn’t good that while talking to Prashanth and they have crossed the limits in the house.
  • Amar picked Shivaji
  • Teja didn’t pick any of them because he felt that everybody worked hard in the game and earned their game.
  • Prashanth picked Sandeep Master
  • Subhasree picked Sandeep Master
  • Priyanka didn’t pick any of them.
  • Gautam picked Shivaji as the worst Sanchalak

Then Majority of the house felt that Shivaji is the undeserving candidate in the house, and they broke Shivaji’s Power Astra and he is back as a contestant in the house.

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