Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 31 Highlights: Theif Or The Captain In The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has entered into Day 31 in the house and it is getting quite interested now because the power astras have been taken back in the house and right now everyone in the house are same and equal. The first captaincy task of the house is also happening in the house and the results are pending in this game. Many more interesting things are going to happen in the house soon. Let’s see what happened in the house today.

Yawar Is Called Biased In The House

When the task was over, and the Bigg Boss asked the sanchalaks cum players in the house Shobha Shetty and Yawar to declare the winners in the house. After a lot of discussion and heated arguments in the house. Yawar and Shobha Shetty decided that Gautham and Subhasree have the first position with three stars, Sandeep and Amar are in second position in two stars, Shivaji and Prashanth are in third place with one star.

Then remaining all of them started shouting at Yawar for being biased in the house, and they kept calling him biased again and again. But Yawar kept his cool, and explained everything in a neat manner to the Bigg Boss and to the housemates as well.

The Theives Are In The House

Next Day Morning, Bigg Boss gave a very interesting task again in the house. This time this task is called Dhorikithey Donga Dhorakapothe Dhora. In this game, inside the activity room, there is BB friend and he has some precious things with him. The pairs in the house have to sneak in slowly and get the valuable things from him without waking him up. Whoever gets most number of things will be placed in the top list and they have a higher chance of becoming the captains in the house.

The task was really funny and the housemates tried their level best to steal the things in the activity room. Sometimes BB friend also woke up and it was really funny. But somehow the housemates have managed to get the things out of the activity room, and come out of the room.

Then after coming out of the room, yawar tried to steal things from Shobha Shetty’s bag. They tried and tried, after sometime Bigg Boss stopped it and gave a twist of fate in the house again. Bigg Boss said that the housemates didn’t bring the things that Bigg Boss asked for. But whoever got the things that Bigg Boss asked for will win the competition. The winners will be announced tomorrow.

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