Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 73 Highlights: Rank Yourself In The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 73 is here and yesterday itself, the housemates have to go through a heated nominations in the house. But Bigg Boss isn’t going to come down and give them rest. He is going to put more troubles and more arguments in the house today. Let’s see what happened in the house.

Rank Yourself In The House

Bigg Boss called the housemates to the garden area and when they saw what was in front of them they were quite shocked. There are numbers of one to ten in the house and the housemates have to stand in that position. Initially the boys occupied the first 5 positions of the house and left the bottom things to the girls. Then Bigg Boss gave a twist in the house, he mentioned that there should be at least two girls in the top 5.

Then Bigg Boss said that they have to talk to each other and everybody should give other a rank. The majority of the rank decides in what position they will stand in the house. The rankings as per the house are

1 is given to Shivaji. Because majority of the housemates thought that Shivaji is playing a great game and led the house. Even the housemates family members told Shivaji deserves the top.

2 is given to Yawar. Even though some of the housemates argued that he doesn’t deserve that position. But the majority thought Yawar should be in the second position.

3 is given to Prashanth. After a lot of arguments with Rathika, Arjun. Number 3 is given to him.

4 is given to Priyanka. 5 to Shobha. 6 to Amar, 7 to Gautham, 8 to Arjun, 9 to Ashwini, and 10 to Rathika. This is the order of the ranking which housemates have decided for themselves. But it was Rathika who kept on arguing again and again and because of her the episode felt so laggy and so irritating as well.

Puzzle The Box In The House

When the housemates have decided who are the top 5 in the house and who are the bottom 5. Then Bigg Boss gave an interesting task which is the eviction free pass game in the house. But to get that thing, the housemates have to get the key from the swimming pool, then with that they have to take out the blocks which are kept in the box.

Then they have to arrange the box in such a way that the puzzle should like eviction free pass, and they have to complete the puzzle and hit the buzzer in the house. In this game, Arjun has won the task and now he has the eviction free pass. But he has to save it and doesn’t lose it at all. By the end of the week, whoever has the eviction free pass can use it for sure. Let’s see what happens in the house, stay tuned for more updates.

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