Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 74 Highlights: The Eviction Free Pass Changes Hands Again And Again

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 74 is here and yesterday we have seen Arjun winning the eviction free pass in the house and after that Bigg Boss clearly mentioned that Arjun has to defend his eviction pass for that he has to go through some immense tasks in the house. Now let’s see what happened in the house today shall we. Before that, please remember that you should vote for your favorite contestant in the house to save from the elimination in the house.

Balance The Balls On A Ramp

Bigg Boss asked Arjun to select an worthy opponent for his game, then Arjun chose yawar for battling for the eviction free pass. In this game, there is a circular ramp and there are stands all over the circular ramp, and each of them will given basket balls.

Whoever balances most number of balls by the end of the end buzzer will win the game in the house and gets the eviction free pass. In this game, the battle went on with equal might and by the end of the end buzzer it was Yawar who had more number of balls on the Ramp, and he got the eviction free pass from Arjun.

Balance The Balls On The Bow

Now it is time for Yawar to protect the Eviction Free Pass in the house. Then Bigg Boss chose Shivaji and Priyanka to battle against Yawar. In this game, there is a bow and arrow kind of thing and it is suspended on the edge. If moved even a bit then it will fall down. The twist here is that, they will be given small metal balls and they have to balance them. As the time goes on, they have to add one more ball and maximize it till 3 balls. Whoever holds the balls by the end of the buzzer will win the game.

In this game, the battle was immense. Priyanka, Shivaji, and Yawar had held the balls with immense focus. But Shoba and Prashanth who were the sanchalaks in the house kept on disturbing them that they are not balancing the balls properly. First Priyanka lost balance and the balls went down, but Shivaji kept the focus. But after a while, Shivaji also lost the balance and Yawar won the game.

Shivaji was angry with Shobha and Prashanth that they were disturbing a lot and they kept on shouting in between disturbing him during the game. Yawar has to many more tasks tomorrow to win the evicton free pass. Let’s see what happens in the house tomorrow.

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