Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Episode 4 Day 3 Highlights: Tasty Teja Gets Shakeela’s Kiss

The Bigg Boss Season 7 is happening at a very good rate, and the first week itself it was thrilling with the nominations. But the latest episode is a bit funny, and interesting as well. In this episode, the game in the Bigg boss house reaches a new level all together.

Till now, Bigg Boss has not officially given confirmation to any participants as housemates. A unique task was given to elevate their status and earn the eligibility to remain in this house.

Wrestling Match

The task was a wrestling match, with male and female wrestlers entering the house to compete against the contestants. In this match, Aata Sandeep, and Priyanka Jain managed to aadvance to the next level. The contestants have been maintaining a positive attitude right from the beginning. This is a positive yet good development in the house.

Even Rathika expressed the same, and when Prashanth faced the defeat, he retreated to a corner and cried for a while. Priyanka and tasty teja immediately boosted up his spirits, reminding him that winning every game is not only the goal. He must keep trying and trying

Tasty Teja Gets The Kiss

The contestants are spending their time engaging in various activities in the house. The female contestnats applied make up and lipstick to Tasty Teja. During this [playful game, Shakeela found teja cute and kissed him on the cheek, considering him as her son.






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