Bigg Boss Telugu Day 5 Episode 4 Highlights: Angry Over A Coffee

The new episode of the latest season of the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 was quite interesting, a little hilarious, and some serious and high emotions and also some very emotional moments in the house.

The episode began with Ek Baar Ek Baar song and the housemates enjoyed the song. The Bigg Boss task continued in the house, in this task, the housemates had to impress the Bigg Boss with their unique skills. For this Bigg Boss promised that he would select one contestant to participate in the immunity task.

Sivaji’s Anger Over An Coffee.

During the morning time, Sivaji kept on asking for the coffee. He threw away the glass and kicked the bucket in the house. Even though housemates tried to stop him he didn’t listen to anybody. He said that he would leave the house if he didn’t get the coffee right now. Even Shakeela requested the Bigg Boss to give him coffee but Bigg Boss kept ignoring him. He sent a BP machine to the house to check Sivaji’s BP. He got angry over that again.

Then Bigg Boss sent Stethoscope into the house and asked Rathika to check the heartbeat of every housemate. For this, Shivaji got angry again and kept the Stethoscope and kept on taunting the Bigg Boss.

Yawar’s Lady Getup

During these angry moments, Yawar got ready as a lady and started flirting with the housemates. Even Bigg Boss complimented that Yawar is looking beautiful in this getup. It was a fun element in the house.

Sivaji gets the coffee

Finally after a lot of arguments and shouting, Bigg boss called Shivaji into the activity room. First Sivaji said that he won’t go into the activity room, but Tasty Teja and others forced him to go into the room. Sivaji entered the activity room and the Bigg boss kept the coffee on the table.

Then during the conversation with Bigg Boss, Sivaji said that he intentionally portrayed himself as an angry guy. He created this scene to impress the Bigg Boss. His performance was so convincing that almost all the housemates believed him. He came out of the room with the coffee.

Rathika’s Emotional Moments

Bigg Boss called Rathika into the activity room and asked whether she was missing somebody. Then she said that she is missing her parents and also she said that she is missing the person whom she used to love. She cried for a bit, then Bigg Boss played a song for her in the activity room and she spent a lot of time in the activity room.

The fun moments continued in the house, and tomorrow we will know who will be the contestant to participation in the immunity task. Let’s wait and watch

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