Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 103 Highlights (Dec 16, 2021)

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 103 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu TV Show is in the grand finale week. There are five housemates in the show right now and they are fighting for the title. After three normal episodes, Finally there is some activity in the house. 

Bigg Boss told the housemates to recreate the popular tasks which happened in the Season 5. Now housemates got excited and played the tasks once again in a joyful mood.

Balloon Task

In the Balloon Task the housemates filled the air in them until they got burst. All the housemates played the task and Shanmukh won it. When Shanmukh won the task, Sunny doubted that he has cheated in the game. 

T-Shirt Task

In this game, Sunny failed earlier. Sunny argued that there were no lales for the T-Shirts. Maanas and Shanmukh played the task. Maanas won the task.

Time Calculation Task

All the housemates played the task where they have to predict the time of 13 minutes and in this task, Shanmukh calculated time properly and won the task.

Sounds Task

Just like previous episode, Bigg Boss Played some sounds on the plasma and the housemates have to predict the sound and write it down. The task went on a fun mode and Sreeram won the task.

Ropes Tasl

Sreeram and Maanas played it earlier. This time Siri, Shanmukh and Sunny played it. Siri left it in mid way and Sunny didn’t create way through ropes properly but continued playing. Siri raised objections to the same. After sometime, Shanmukh left it in mid way and Sunny won the task.

Shanmukh won most of the tasks, Then Sunny said that Shanmukh cheated in the balloons task. Shanmukh didn’t react but Siri didn’t like it. Sunny tried to prove them saying that they lost the last task. However he later revealed that he was pulling their leg. But Siri didn’t like it and lost her temper. She yelled at Sunny and went in. later Sunny went to calm her, But it created more issues. Siri raised her voice and Sunny got angry. Sunny imitated Siri and she didn’t take it. Maanas got in between and stopped their fight.

Meanwhile Sreeram, Sunny and Maanas tried to play cricket in the garden area. The ball went on the roof and they tried to get it. Bigg Boss warned them not to get hurt and also punished them to clean the garden area properly.

So after three dull episodes, Finally some activity happened in the house. Just few more days away from the grand finale and it would be interesting to see who will win the Bigg Boss Title.

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