Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 100 Highlights: Sivaji And Priyanka Videos Are Shown In The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 100 is here, and there are just only 5 days left in the house. We all know that in the finale week nothing will happen in the house expect different AVs of housemates shown in the house. Yesterday we have seen Amardeep and Arjun AVs were shown in the house. Arjun’s AV was better with Baahubali BGM and things got really emotional in the house for both of them.

Shivaji’s AV Is Shown To Him In The House

In this episode, first Shivaji was called into the garden area, and many memories of him were shown to him in the house. It was really a beautiful experience for him, then Bigg Boss called him into the activity area and then showed the AV to him.

Shivaji’s AV is one of the best AVs, right from the day one to till today, Shivaji has maintained his stature as the matured man of the house. The AV was an emotional one in the house, and Shivaji cried his heart out after watching AV

Priyanka’s AV Is Shown To Her In The House

Next Priyanka was called into the garden area, and there were many beautiful moments of her in the house. When she started seeing the photos of herself and her friends Amardeep and Shobha and her fiance Shiv, she got emotional in the garden area. Her AV was presented very beautifully, and it was filled with many beautiful moments of her and her best friends, and her gameplay in the house. Priyanka felt really emotional after watching the video and thanked Bigg Boss for giving her this opportunity to participate in this season.

This is what has happened in the house, tomorrow there will be yawar and prashanth’s AV. It is said that Yawar’s AV is really emotional and he cried a lot after watching it. Stay tuned for more updates in the house

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