Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 41 Highlights (Oct 15, 2021)

Episode 41 Day 40 Highlights of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5

Shwetha To Jail

The last Episode for the Last Day of the Week has Started and all Housemates were discussing about who are going to be the Worst housemate for this Week. Many started discussing that Ravi would be worst as he is the main responsible Person for telling his team to tear the Pillows and use Cotton from it to make teddy bears. 

Shwetha And Anee Emotional

Bigg Boss asked all the Housemates to give Worst Contestant a Stamp of Worst on their T-Shirt. Majority of the Housemates elected Shwetha as worst Housemate.

In the Captaincy task she tored other teams teddies wantedly but only on the Advice of Ravi. Shwetha was send to Jail, At night she recalled her mother and said that she should have alive this time. Anne master also felt bad and slept in sofa watching Shwetha.

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