Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 88 Highlights (Dec 01, 2021)

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 88 Highlights

Right now, Bigg Boss House is going through Ticket to Finale Task and as we know that one of the housemates will get a chance to get into the Grand Finale directly. However, The housemates have to go through some tough tasks here. 

The first challenge Test for Endurance, The housemates have to stand in ice cubes for a long time and in between this the housemates have to fight to grab the balls from other housemates buckets. By the end of the task Siri, Shanmukh, Sreeram and Priyanka had to go the medical room for a health checkup because they stood in the cubes for a long time and they lost their feet sensation. Sreeram’s situation has gone really bad and he suffered whole night with pain. The doctor gave medication to him and he felt better. There were band-aids to his feet. 

During the task, Siri proved Sunny and grabbed one ball from Sunny’s bucket. Then Sunny argued that she took it while he placed his leg in the cubes. Siri didn’t agree to that and he got angry. Then Sunny stopped standing on the ice and focused on grabbing Siri’s balls. Siri was determined to win the game and she stood in the ice cubes without placing her leg outside.

Even Sunny didn’t give up, He didn’t target anyone else. After sometime, He attacked everyone to grab more balls. During the task, Siri and Shanmukh said that were playing the game for Ravi and make him proud. 

Siri and Shanmukh Drama

After the game, Maanas helped Siri by taking her to the medical room. Siri couldn’t keep her feet on the ground so Maanas helped her in fetching her things. Shanmukh was also in pain and Maanas was helping him too. But Shanmukh yelled at Siri for taking help from those who cornered her. 

Shanmukh got angry and yelled at her that she doesn’t deserve to be his friend, and weak. Priyanka controlled Shanmukh and asked him to keep his mouth shut until she recovers.

Change of Games in Bigg Boss

As the tasks are causing problems to housemates health. Bigg Boss changed the tasks to focus, skill and memory. 

The housemates picked up focus as their challenge. In this challenge, The housemates have to individually calculate 29minutes of time and ring the bell. Whoever comes close to 29minutes will be the winner. As there is no clock in the houses, The housemates have to sit in a place and calculate the time. The others can distract the participants while they are calculating. Even Bigg Boss also tried to distract them by playing animal sounds.

As of now, Sunny is in the lead and after him Sreeram, Siri, Maanas, Kajal, Shanmukh and Priyanka. 

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