Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 95 Highlights (Dec 08, 2021)

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 95 Highlights

Bigg Boss Reality Show is going to end soon and there are 6 members in the house and 5 of them are in the nominations, This time Bigg Boss gave an interesting task which was called roleplay task to fill the house with fun. But instead it created a rift between others. Especially between Siri and Shanmukh Once again.

Shanmukh Upset Over Siri

Shanmukh is trying to dominate Siri in every aspect of the game. Most of the time he is trying to silence siri in every argument and trying his best to influence her. It is very clear that Shanmukh is taking out all his frustration on her and making her weak day by day.

Meanwhile during the game, Sunny tried to recreate a scene which happened in the house. While doing it, he imitated Shanmukh which he didn’t like and raised an objection. Sunny tried to tell him that he is only reminding the situation happened in the past. Both argued over it and Sunny said that Shanmukh can’t take things and it will be tough for him going forward in his life. But Shanmukh stood on his point and found fault with Sunny. 

Shanmukh got angry because of this, Siri tried to console him and made an attempt to convince him to continue the game and not quit it. But Shanmukh started taking out his anger on Siri. Shanmukh asked her to stay away from him and not tell him what to do. Later Shanmukh calmed himself down after listening to Sreeram and Maanas. Siri confronted Shanmukh that he should listen to others and play the game but he ignores her request. 

Shanmukh again took out his frustration on her saying that Siri is bringing him down. Siri tried to be strong on her point but Shanmukh kept on blaming siri for everything that happened in the house. After sometime, He consoled Siri and even she apologized to him. 

Everybody felt that Shanmukh is wrong but no one went in between their fight. 

Role play task

The house recreated Sreeram and Jessie fight. Sunny became Hamida, Maanas-Anee Master, Shanmukh- Sreeram, Kajal- Siri, Siri-Jessie, Sreeram-Shanmukh. 

In the role play task, The housemates picked Shanmukh as the best performer and the house gave him a chance to appeal for votes.

Laugh in the Hotseat

After that, Bigg Boss gave another task which is laugh in the hotseat. The housemates have to seat in the hotseat and the others have to make them laugh. The housemate who controls the laughter will get a chance to appeal for votes

Maanas and Sreeram win the task and they appealed for the votes. The Grand Finale is inching closer and the fight for the title is becoming tough day by day. 

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