Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-11th April 2022 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-11th April 2022 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT seventh week has kicked off with intensifying nominations. The twists and turns in the game have attracted the audience. Let’s see what happened in the house today.

Nominations under mud

Today’s nominations is quite different, Bigg Boss picked out a pair and they have to defend themselves on who has to be safe and who has to get nominated. The nominated person has to sit on a chair under the mud sling. Here’s how nomination went.

  • Anil and Hamida- Anit got nominated and Hamida safe.
  • Natraj and Shiva- Both of them got nominated because they weren’t convinced with their defending.
  • Mitraww and Mahes- Mitraww got nominated and Mahesh safe.
  • Akhil and Bindu- Just like Natraj and Shiva, They also argued on a lot of things and ended up both of them getting nominated.
  • Ariyana and Ajay- Ajay is safe and Ariyana got nominated.

Ashu is the captain of the house that is why she is safe. She got a special power to directly nominate a safe person. She picked Mahesh Vitta and nominated him directly.

Intensifying arguments

Natraj master vs Shiva

The rivalry between these two continued and during the nominations also it went to another level. Shiva pointed out that Natraj master was using bad words on him. Natraj master pointed out that Shiva for being negligent in the house. Shiva said that if Ashu wouldn’t have stopped Natraj master he would have attacked him.

Akhil vs Bindu

One of the interesting rivalry happening in the house is between Akhil and Bindu. Akhil pointed out that Bindu is aggressive while Bindu reacted with Akhil is playing group game. The discussion kept on going. Natraj and Ashu supported Akhil which made Bindu even more irritated. The argument went till the point where Akhil called Bindu ” Bujji, Pandu and Osey” and Bindu reacted with ” Rey and Akhil ga.”

Mahesh vs Ashu, Ajay

When Ashu nominated Mahesh for supporting Shiva in washing clothes. Mahesh got shocked for selecting him for such a silly reason and started arguing by questioning why she didn’t nominate Hamida and Ajay. For that Ajay interfered in between and warned Mahesh for uttering the words aadu and veedu which made an other argument in the house.

Nominated candidates

Natraj master, Shiva, Akhil, Bindu, Ariyana, Mahesh, Mitraww, and Anil.

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