Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-12th April 2022 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-12th April 2022 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT is getting interesting with each days with some new twists and turns in the game. The captaincy task in the house has begun and it is really interesting. Let’s check out what happened.

Captaincy Task.

Bigg Boss divided the housemates into pairs. Here are the pairs for the captaincy task Bindu and Akhil, Natraj and Shiva, Anil and Hamida, Mahesh and Mitraww, Ariyana and Ajay. The housemates have to rule the different areas in the house. Later they have to take part in some challenges which are given by Bigg Boss to conquer other areas as well.

 Challenges for Captaincy

Bigg Boss assigned various challenges for the pairs. The three challenges which happened today are

Money on your back- In this task Natraj master and Shiva won the task and occupied Hamida and Ani’s Bedroom area.

Swing this spring- Bindu and Akhil won this task and occupied Natraj and Shiva’s luggage area.

Pot shot- Hamida and Anil won this task and occupied Ariyana and Ajay’s Bathroom area.

Highlights of the episode

The best highlight of the episode was Akhil and Bindu. When Bigg boss paired them they both played the task in a friendly way. Even the episode got wrapped up very sweetly.

As enemies turned into friends. Friends became enemies in the task. Natraj master and Ashu argued because of the challenge. Ashu is the sanchalak of the task and she disqualified Natraj master because he went against the rule. For that Natraj master reacted in an aggressive manner and pointed out that Ashu is supporting Anil because he helped her in the captaincy task.

At the end of the day Hamida, Anil and Bindu, Akhil are leading the table occupying two areas. The task got wrapped up for today and it will be continued tommorow.

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