Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-18th April 2022 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT- 18th April 2022 Highlights

We enter into the new week of the Bigg Boss Telugu OTT and the reality show has 10members right now in the house. After the elimination process, it is time for Nomination. As of now, Baba Bhaskar is in the secret room watching everything in the house.

Let’s see what happened in the nomination process.

Nominations for this week

  • Mitraww nominated Ashu and Bindu
  • Ariyana nominated Akhil and Ashu
  • Akhil nominated Bindu and Ariyana
  • Natraj nominated Anil and Hamida
  • Anil nominated Natraj and Ajay
  • Ajay nominated Anil and Hamida
  • Hamida nominated Ajay and Ashu
  • Bindu nominated Ajay and Akhil
  • Siva nominated Ashu and Akhil
  • Ashu nominated Mitraww and Hamida.

After the nominations were over, Sugar went missing in the house. Ariyana requested Bigg boss to send the sugar. But Bigg boss mentioned that the sugar is in the house in a different place. Then the captain Siva asked the housemates who has hid the Sugar. Then Hamida admitted that she placed it some place and forgot about it.

Fights during the nominations.

Akhil and Bindu fought again. Bindu wanted to prove that Akhil is unnecessarily taunting her but Bindu lost her and she asked help from Siva. Akhil countered that with Bindu is using the woman card on him.

The most surprising thing in the house is Mitraww nominated Bindu saying that she is using Sravanthi’s name during the nominations.

Ashu nominated Mitraww saying that she didn’t make the curry properly. Ashu and Hamida nominated each other and Hamida commented on Ashu that she is doing Bendakaya nominations and then Ashu countered it with Hamida also nominating people using Sweet Chapathi.

Baba Bhaskar Power

As the wild card entry Baba Bhaskar is in the secret room, He got a power to save one person from the nominations. He chose Bindu Madhavi.

Nominated Contestants.

Akhil, Anil, Ajay, Ashu and Hamida.

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